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Initiated & supported by Mercedes-Benz AG and Kuwait Investment Authority
About us
The Kuwait Investment Authority signed an agreement with Daimler AG in the year 2006 to establish Kuwait Automotive Academy for the purpose of training Kuwaiti Citizens on the latest technologies in the Automobile sector

Under this agreement, a training course was established in cooperation with the Kuwait Investment Authority to provide Kuwaiti Nationals with the skills required to work in the Automobile industry. Daimler AG renamed to Mercedes-Benz AG, will finance the entire academy and course for the training period and the Kuwait Investment Authority will pay financial rewards to the students in the belief that they should encourage this sector in the Kuwait economy and its role in supporting National development within Kuwait society. In January 2007, the academy received its first group of students. Since its inception, 17 groups have so far received training. The total number of male and female students has exceeded the 150-mark. The academy accepts up to 12 students annually for a 1-year academic course, starting month and duration to be announced in due time

When and how it all started
Year Description
2005 The first Cooperation Agreement between Kuwait Investment Authority and Daimler AG was signed to establish an Academy for Automotive Training at the premises of the General Agency Albisher & Alkazemi. The Kuwait Automotive Academy was established and the 1st training course started on January 2007
2019 Change of the General Agency to Al Mulla Automobiles Co. (AMA). The Training Center moved the premises to the current location in Shuwaikh
2021 Agreement renewed between Kuwait Investment Authority and Mercedes-Benz AG
2023 Change of academy name to Kuwait Automobile Academy (KAA)
Classes & Benefits

The training program is open for Kuwaiti Nationals only

Training Program
  • The training will be divided in 2 main periods
  • There are 9 tests after each level including 1 final test
  • Failing a test leads to dismissal from the Academy

Learning objectives during the complete study program
  • Basic engine, gearbox, brake and steering
  • Basic maintenance and fluids / lubricants
  • Basic electrical and electronics
  • Sensors and wiring diagrams / symbols
  • Data transmission CAN / Line-Bus, Flex Ray, MOST-Bus
  • Communication skills, Business Management
  • Brakes, brake control, ABS, ESP, Airbag (SRS)
  • Automatic transmission, Engine control, Vehicle access and drive
  • Basic diagnostic skills working with state of the art workshop equipment
  • Hybrid and Electric drive vehicles
  • Automotive history

Financial support by the Kuwait Investment Authority

The students will receive in total KD 3600/- each after successfully passing final test at the end of the course, payment terms to be announced

Personal characteristics
  • Passion for the Automobile
  • Punctuality and being organized
  • Willing to learn
  • Determination and will to succeed
  • Ability to work in a team
  • Looking for a future career in the Automobile sector
After the successful graduation you would have the following job perspectives

Working in the Automotive field in the area of:

  • Customer service
  • Technical department
  • Sales department
  • Customer care

The training course is conducted by an experienced trainer from Mercedes-Benz AG Germany

Duration and working days

1 Academic year October to June, exact dates and breaks to be announced

Working days : Sunday to Thursday

Working time : 08:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.

Break : 10:15 a.m. to 10:45 a.m.

Application / Contact

Land line : +965-22062872

Mobile : +965-51009446

Email : nadia.fuad.kaa@mailbox.org

Our Address
Shuwaikh Industrial Safat Al Rai, 13002, Kuwait
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